Banana Bandits

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1 in stock

The boss of the Banana bandits is selecting one member of the crew as his successor. Whoever can first collect three golden banana coins will be the next leader of Banana bandits, and you obtain the golden banana coin by gathering gorilla coins that are held by the other gorillas. Catch these other gorilla’s coins to claim victory!

Banana Bandits is an exciting family game with a eye-catching 3D building. Each turn, the active player has three action points, and the player can choose any of these actions to execute:

  • Move the gorilla up, down, left or right 1-3 spaces.
  • Fight with an adjacent opponent by rolling the dice.
  • Draw a card, but only if you’re on the first floor.
  • Collect all the coins in the room.

When a player collects enough gorilla coins, they can convert two different colors of gorilla coins to one golden banana coin.

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Dimensions 26 × 26 × 6 cm