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Flesh and Blood Malaysia’s National Championship 2022


What an incredible weekend here in Malaysia it’s been!

Thank you to all participants and attendees of the Flesh and Blood Malaysia National Championship 2022! With a total of 48 players (capped) taking part in the main event, and 36 in the 3v3 Team Sealed side event, we’re seeing a massive growth in the community here in Malaysia, which is what made this year’s Nationals so special.

Congratulations to the Top 8 players who made it to the 2nd day of the main event – Alexi Khaw, Clement Ling, Derk Hua, Keith Yong, Mark Siew, Nitya Kalaichelvan, Saiful Bahari Hassan and Tan Xi Shern!

The grand finals saw Mark Siew (Bravo) and Nitya (Rhinar) both from the Team Cracked Baubles go head to head in a match to remember, with Nitya emerging as the National Champion and newly crowned Brute Queen (heh). Having been friends since their college days, Mark and Nitya were introduced to Flesh & Blood just under a year ago, and have been great community members ever since.

On the Team Sealed side of things, newcomer Ong Sui Chang’s team came in 1st place, beating out the 11 other teams during the course of the afternoon.

Things got a little rowdy, but for good reason right after that with the Charity Auction with all proceeds going to Teach For Malaysia. Attendees bidded their best for Rainbow Foil Adult Fai, Dromai, and Iyslander cards, personally signed by Flesh and Blood creator, James White. Over RM2,000 was raised (appx. USD530) with Ian Tham, Alsoon Kho, and Keith Yong, walking away with the respective heroes. When asked why he went above and beyond for the signed Iyslander, Top 8 finalist Keith Yong said ‘It’s for the kids’. Generosity truly runs deep in this community!

A big thank you to our team of Judges for the weekend, and scorekeeper headed by Alex Kuan- Alex Kuan, Calvin Mah, Lee Jia Sheng and Ricky

Thank you Juan and the One Two Juice team (Ming Yue, Sophira and Caleb) with the photography, videography and commentary for the events! And congratulations to Caleb for pulling a Cold Foil Blood of The Dracai, the very few in Malaysia!

We would like to extend our appreciation to Fayble, Taiwan (Flesh and Blood-Asia) for providing us with 3 Anthology Armory Kits as prize support for both the main and side events! The players were very happy with the additional prize support! And of course, a massive thank you to Legend Story Studios for their amazing support for this great game and it’s community.

Once again, thank you everyone for supporting this event and we hope to continue hosting awesome events for all the players! With more pictures and videos to follow, stay tuned for updates and announcements, and we’ll see you soon!